Pi2Go2 Review

Before trying to build anything from scratch thought a good idea to try some kits. Yes, much more expensive option but the benefit we hope is that we can get something moving and then follow up with extra as we go along.

The instructions to assemble were nice and easy to follow and the Pi2Go was put together in half an hour or so.

The problem is it doesn’t work. And worse, is we don’t know how to get it to work.

We followed the instructions. And the big issue is lack of programming skills/understanding. It’s not the kit, its us.

You can download the libraries on the sellers site but it needs changing, and not savvy enough (yet) to understand how to change it, or start from the beginning.

A draw to opting for this was being able to use Scratch. This would’ve nicely complimented >L with his budding programming quest for knowledge. But my impression is that whoever kept that updated, doesn’t anymore. So there is no Scratch option. And whilst I thought that it could just be a case of changing the python statements (using brackers) it still doesn’t work. I would have thought there would be a way of taking code written in python2 and switching it into python3 (like a translator or something) but as far as I know there isn’t. And it’s the wrong place to start for us, that’s the bottom line.

Frustratingly, it has a Motor controller: DRV8833. But the question is – how do you isolate it? Because then I think we would be able to tell the pi>board>which pins.

From this aborted attempt, we’ve concluded that it would be more beneficial, to build/control from beginning and I set the input/outputs. But, initially just would’ve been good to at least run some code on it and for it to move. So very deflated.

It’s sturdy for sure. Nice components. Strong fittings. But at the moment its sole purpose is as a raspberry pi case!

In fairness, the seller has been helpful and I believe it’s a kit for people that have a bit more of a clue what to do. But, being process orientated if the bumpf had been aligned to kit I probably wouldn’t of opted for it. We will have to put it on the back burner for the moment until we work out a way of ignoring the examples provided and instead how to talk to the controller via pi ourselves.

All in all, annoying but realise it isn’t the kit, it’s lack of understanding that’s the barrier here. Will have to revisit this.

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