About us

Our mission is simple and our objectives are clear. 

We’re difficult in a strong-minded way but tenacious to our end. 

Our thirst to engage and conquer the robotic republic frontier is all that drives us. 

Welcome to our World! 

Why Pi Wars?

Why, What When? 

My son is keen to learn coding. He is eleven. There is a multitude of books and videos available but like any Smorgsbord it’s a mind baffling boggle job knowing what to use and where to start. 

To be honest, I’m not a coder. Nor a programmer. The extent of my knowledge of computers is snippets and bits of information and to use the software that other people have made to do things in my life. 

So why would we be interested in a robotics competition using a Raspberry Pi computer? 

Well to us, it seems a great way to learn coding, programming, giving instructions, controlling things,  and it means a clear objective to work to, to complete something with an end result with time pressure.   

In order to do the challenges, or to even be remotely able to complete them, we will need to be able to code. Because in a simple sense, a robot being devoid of life, needs instructions. When broken down, this translates into signals into either being on or off.  

From looking at the Pi Wars challenges it’s clear that we will have to: 

  • Build a robot (that works) 
  • To experiment and learn through trial and error 
  • Learn about electricity, circuits, sensors, coding 
  • Overcome challenges and limitations 

I believe it’s important for young people to be engaged and a create rather than blob into passive users of technology, mindlessly swiping away. Heck, you can do that when you’re retired and playing Candy Crush!. 

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